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Benefits of Integrated Websites

Clear the burden of admin work associated with your web store. FHL integrates your products, shopping cart, invoicing, payment gateway, merchant account and shipping provider with our industry-leading Accounting and CRM solution. 

  • Call us for help with your ecommerce business.
  • Automate your back office.
  • Keep your overheads down and margins tight.
  • Succeed in online sales growth.
  • Don’t put your business at risk with manual processes.

Many web sites are serviced by more than one software application. Typically, a CMS will be used for stock, a Shopping Cart will manage checkout, a Merchant Account will manage payments and a separate accounting package will be used for invoicing. Returns and Customer Service are often managed via the telephone or email on an individual basis.

Needless to say, the management of these systems is complex and time consuming.

It is not unusual for the business owner to be dependant on the web designer for one or more of the features described.

As the business becomes more and more successful, the manual input required to service each transaction will become an increasing burden on the time and resources of the business owner.

How do you learn or train your staff in each of these areas?

When you rely on manual data entry, you can guarantee errors in invoicing.

What happens if the Web Designer suddenly gets a new project and is too busy to help you?

What if the products deployed in the web solution are discontinued?



  • Automatic Accounting
  • Paperless Business
  • No Manual Entry of Data
  • Simple Inventory Management
  • Drop-shipping Arrangements
  • Multiple Warehouse Fulfilment
  • Automatic Customer Service & Returns
  • Customer Portals
  • Agent and Distributor Portals
  • Multi-Currency & Language
  • Multiple Webstores

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