Understand the companies around you with CreditSafe and NetSuite

Written by Anthony Bridgett

12 | 08 | 21

2 minute read

The need to understand, verify and make decisions confidently about the companies that you do business with is very important. CreditSafe are the world’s most used supplier of credit and business information, with available data on more than 240 million companies from over 160 countries. Integrating all a business’s software into one platform is becoming more and more prevalent, RSM’s NetSuite/CreditSafe integration combines the power of the NetSuite ERP platform with the features of CreditSafe.


Why integrate NetSuite with CreditSafe?

  • Get all your credit and company information in your main business environment.
  • Run scheduled reports and get data on companies based on your own fully customisable criteria.
  • Monitor specific companies for changes to their status based on over 200 different monitoring options.
  • Apply the power of NetSuite’s reporting capabilities to the credit information of companies you interact with.
  • Get decisions in seconds from inside NetSuite on new customers based on industry standard credit algorithms run by CreditSafe.
  • Get and store current data about company directors and shareholders.


What’s new about the integration

Updates to the integration are released on a regular basis. The RSM team are constantly working to add new features and to improve existing functionality. Recently, CreditSafe offered a new service platform (CreditSafe Connect) and we have ensured this has been fully integrated into this NetSuite bundle. The Connect service brings new features: director reporting, extensive monitoring rules and the Decision Engine which allows users to make automated decisions on companies based on your own custom reasons.


Key features

  • Searching: Search for companies based on country and a combination of keywords, company registration number and address details.
  • Monitoring: Monitor companies for changes based on criteria that is important to your business.
  • Automation: Automate all aspects of the NetSuite/CreditSafe integration. Set reports, monitoring and credit decisions to run based on a fully customisable schedule powered by NetSuite.
  • Mapping Data: The ability to map data from reports saved in NetSuite using a powerful custom data mapping service that is fully customisable from inside NetSuite.
  • Reporting: Retrieve detailed company reports and store them in NetSuite. Report on data that has been returned from CreditSafe using the NetSuite standard reporting features.
  • Decision Making: Make instant decisions with confidence based on real time data powered by the CreditSafe decision engine.


An example of a CreditSafe report:

CreditSafe Blog report

An example of a CreditSafe decision list:

CreditSafe Blog decision list

If you want to find out more about RSM's NetSuite/CreditSafe integration, then get in touch with the team.