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The world is waking up

Written by Kyle Potts

16 | 11 | 20

2 minute read

As the ‘new normal’ is moving into focus industry leaders are looking to cloud technology to help future-proof their organisation.

We’ve all had to work a little differently this year. Back in April 2020, the Office of National Statistics reported that nearly half of all people in employment did some of their work from home during peak lockdown. Since then, many businesses have decided to close the office doors permanently, making remote access to data more of a priority than ever.

NetSuite customers are recognising the advantages of a true cloud-based ERP solution in supporting a new or expanded remote workforce. The green shoots of this are starting to show as we see more business leaders invest in new ways to run their company remotely. As a leading NetSuite partner, RSM specialise in the customisation and implementation of cloud technology. We have seen an incredible 83% increase in inbound enquiries through our website recently. The global pandemic is challenging organisations to adapt in order to remain in business.

The “winners and losers” of lockdown have been well documented and understandably, some business leaders are taking a cautious approach to investing in technology during a time of economic uncertainty. Yet for others, it seems regardless of performance over the previous six months, now is the best time to be planning and future-proofing their business through properly configured business systems. Some common reasons business leaders are seeking ways to support their business change in recent times are:

  • unexpected growth due to high demand through Covid-19;
  • seeking to invest in Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing their business to budget for future years and avoiding costly upgrades or hardware failures; and
  • the streamline and automation of business processes.

There have been immense changes in the ways that businesses operate recently and it is important that we all adapt to new ways of thinking, working and embrace the new ‘new’. And it seems that many business leaders have already realised this.

Whether you’re an existing NetSuite customer looking to build the foundations for future growth, or improve operational efficiency and reporting, or a brand new NetSuite customer looking to move ERP to the cloud, why not contact our award winning NetSuite team to find out how NetSuite can support your business objectives?