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Written by Josh Pritchard

11 | 06 | 21

5 minute read

As the world’s number 1 cloud ERP system, NetSuite recognise the need for flexibility and understand there is no “one size fits all” approach, so they developed the SuiteCloud platform. The SuiteCloud platform provides a suite of tools allowing the NetSuite environment to be tailored to users, through things like capturing non-standard information; providing automation of activities; and managing approvals amongst a host of other things. As part of the SuiteCloud Developer Network, FHL build and distribute solutions for common activities across businesses in different sectors using these tools. These are known as NetSuite SuiteApps.


SuiteApps are certified by NetSuite and tested ahead of both of the NetSuite bi-annual upgrades, to ensure that customers receive quality solutions which are fit for purpose. FHL have a Research and Development team dedicated to designing, implementing and maintaining SuiteApps, using their combined years of NetSuite architecture and development experience. It’s some of these SuiteApps we’d like to introduce you to today.


Firstly, our Essentials package – a group of SuiteApps (Advanced Terms, Essential Expenses, LeaveApp, RFM Score and Shift Rota) developed to support core functions of any business, including the recording and management of absences and shift patterns, auto-calculation of mileage expenses and scoring of customer value. Designed and built by FHL for NetSuite, these applications feel at home in the NetSuite system. LeaveApp allows staff to request holidays and leave for approval, sending automated email alerts for review and giving visibility of an entire departments leave. Essential Expenses removes the manual (and often separate) calculation required for mileage claims, allowing you to setup the rate paid and allowing staff to simply enter the number of miles they have travelled. The automation and visibility provided over these processes ensures users can complete tasks quicker, with less error.


Our Research and Development team are hard at work on an addition to Essentials – obfuscation. In consideration of GDPR and data protection, obfuscation will allow for the hiding of personal and sensitive information in Sandbox environments, giving you peace of mind knowing your data is protected when granting access to your Sandbox.


Along with working on obfuscation and maintaining our SuiteApps, the team have recently completed the first phase of our latest SuiteApp, designed for those purchasing or selling construction services. The FHL CIS SuiteApp enables you to manage your obligations in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) by recording and accounting for deductions, and providing reporting to aid your monthly returns and CIS records.


Next up is our CreditSafe Integration SuiteApp. Nearly every user of NetSuite is buying or selling in some capacity, and most businesses are performing credit checks in one capacity or another, so having that information available in NetSuite proves invaluable. CreditSafe are the world’s most used supplier of credit and business information, and RSM CreditSafe Integration leverages the CreditSafe database seamlessly into NetSuite. Running credit checks and getting company information are all available at the click of a button, enabling commercial teams to identify directors and key contacts, finance personnel to make credit decisions and even allowing for a yes / no decision to be made on a company immediately. Users can keep informed of over 200 different changes to a company, from credit limits to new directors, changes of ownership or filing new accounts. This alleviates the worry of being caught out by a customer not being able to pay their bills or a supplier not being able to fulfil an order.


Once your suppliers have been credit checked, you can start receiving hundreds (if not thousands) of invoices per month, which someone must key into NetSuite. You can speed up this process via the use of OCR – technology to read and interpret the contents of a file for it to be processed automatically. RSM have developed an OCR solution using Amazon Web Services and their Textract offering, which allows for purchase invoices to be sent to NetSuite via email or API (or uploaded manually) and automatically analysed, interpreted and processed to create your purchase invoice. Using zonal OCR methodologies, transaction line information is interpreted and used to identify your corresponding item to be included on the transaction, with the application also supporting both standard and custom fields, to tailor it completely to the information you need to record.


With the multitude of shipping carriers available in the UK and documentation required post-Brexit for shipping across Europe, delivery management solutions like MetaPack and Scurri have increased in popularity. RSM have developed off-the-shelf connectors with both services, reducing data duplication and providing automation in the selection of a shipping carrier, and the production of shipping labels and customs invoices. Users no longer have to log in to DPD, Yodel, Royal Mail or any other carrier portals and manually enter data which is already recorded in NetSuite. Instead, this data transfer is automated and is used to select the appropriate carrier and service to ship the goods.


Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) allows for great flexibility and control over your warehouse operations – from quality checking received items and picking orders for shipment, to organising your packing bench and performing stock takes, all via a tiny scanning device that you can attach to the end of your finger.


Peoplevox is one such WMS and our integration ensures that your staff can focus on completing their jobs, safe in the knowledge that the two systems are accurately recording accounting and stock figures. With data automatically transferring between NetSuite and Peoplevox, all the information on a sale can be recorded in NetSuite and that information used to complete the despatch in Peoplevox, which then updates NetSuite to show that the order is fulfilled. Peoplevox even integrates with delivery management platforms like MetaPack and Scurri, meaning that shipping labels and customs requirements are all handled automatically, and tracking details can be sent to your customers.


Finally, we’d like to introduce you to WineSuite – our solution for the fine wine and spirits industry, which handles all the nuanced processes required for importing, storing and selling alcohol. WineSuite supports the complexities of purchasing and selling a mixture of under bond and duty paid stock, as well as storing this in bonded warehouses. Stock is recorded in Rotations, capturing the duty status of the stock as well as its purchase price, to ensure that duty is only charged once, gross profit is accurate to the exact stock sold and allowing for varying prices of the same wine (based on condition, storage status, etc). Automatic calculation of duty and application of tax on purchases and sales, results in accurate accounting and full disclosure of the final price of goods. Items can be sold into storage for a customer, recording the items they have in storage and allowing for items to be removed, sold on or repurchased at a later date. Stored items being sold on is made easier with the broking module of WineSuite, allowing for the sale of other people’s stock and the process of purchasing that from the third-party to either ship directly or via you.


WineSuite is completed via an integration with Liv-ex, an exchange service for fine wine which also offers extensive market data. List stock on Liv-ex directly from NetSuite, have Liv-ex quantities updated following private sales and have Liv-ex sales synchronised to NetSuite in real-time to ensure that you are never at risk of overselling. Leverage Liv-ex’s market data to obtain pricing information on your items and report on this in NetSuite, drawing comparisons to your own prices, providing recommended sales prices, and identifying transaction values which differ from the market rate.


With so many unique solutions to help businesses of any size and sector, or if you’re experiencing a business issue but not sure what the solution is, why not contact us? We’d love to hear from you.