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Staffordshire University - fundamental to RSM's growth strategy

Written by John Mackay

20 | 07 | 21

2 minute read

RSM are proud to support Staffordshire University, a local university that nurtures and produces incredibly talented individuals and aspiring developers through courses such as gaming, computer science and AI.

I have led the development teams at RSM for 10 years now and in that time, we have forged strong relationships with Staffordshire University that has allowed us to tap into the wealth of local developer talent.

The skills required for SaaS development were not present in the marketplace locally 10 years ago. RSM needed to be creative and look towards growing those skills through undergraduate placements, graduate recruitment, and put in place training and team structures to support that activity.

The “grow our own” ethos at RSM has helped strengthen the team from half a dozen originally to over a 100 today, allowing the company to meet the growing SaaS demand in the marketplace. This approach has driven the culture at RSM, giving us a young dynamic team with cutting edge skills, but also with more NetSuite experience than virtually any other NetSuite partner in the UK.

If your organisation is looking at post-pandemic digital projects to allow more hybrid working, to sweep away outdated processes and to improve internal and external client/supplier processes and communication, then with our dynamic, forward thinking team, RSM is best placed to serve those requirements.

RSM continues its drive to build a stronger team to support these projects and has pushed forwards by welcoming six new graduate developers to its fold this week. They will be embarking on an extensive induction and training package over the next few months to bring them up-to-speed on meeting client demands.

I obtained my master’s degree at Staffordshire University so I am well placed to understand the importance of local graduate education to the local economy.RSM's very own co-founder, Darren Birt is a Staffordshire University alumni and was recently awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Staffordshire University:

“Over the past decade, our partnership with Staffordshire University has been a fundamental part of our growth strategy. Graduates bring the latest skills and fresh enthusiasm to RSM. Today, over 60% of our staff are graduates of Staffordshire University.”

If you wish to kick start your career or are looking at aspects of post-covid digital acceleration, then get in touch with our award-winning RSM team, the No.1 partner of choice in the UK.