My RSM Placement - Personal & Professional Growth

Written by Edward Stone

12 | 08 | 21

2 minute read

As I come to the end of my placement at RSM I have been thinking about how much I have learned over the past year, not just about business, NetSuite and working life but also about myself.

I applied to RSM for a student placement because they have a history of investing in local graduates and I was excited by the prospect of working in the dynamic, evolving industry of cloud business management software. I wanted to experience as many different business functions as possible, have direct contact with clients and gain vital employability skills. My 12-month placement within RSM’s Commercial team, where I have worked in different departments ranging from Account Management to Marketing, has given me all of these opportunities and more.

The most valuable skills I acquired were not the ones I had expected. I learned the importance of teamwork, self-reliance, working to deadlines and how to build up successful relationships with colleagues and clients. I never envisaged working from home for most of the year, but I have been impressed and proud of how quickly we adapted, how successfully managers kept us all connected and the resilience we have shown during lockdown. It has been a tough, unprecedented year for everyone, but I feel that these challenges have helped me to grow both professionally and personally.

I am looking forward to being a student once more, but I will also miss the world of work and the colleagues who have taught me so much. I have loved being part of RSM’s supportive, knowledgeable team and learning from such a fast-growing business. The most valuable lesson I have learned from my placement is that the people you work with are everything. Huge thanks to all the colleagues who have guided me and made my placement such a brilliant year.

This year has shown me that RSM is a company that respects diversity, supports their employees beyond work, celebrates fresh thinking and embraces change. So whether you're starting your career, looking for a placement or seeking a new opportunity, FHL is an exciting, supportive, forward-thinking place to work.

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