NetSuite SuiteSuccess - leading your business onto the pathway to success

Written by Edward Stone

12 | 08 | 21

3 minute read

With an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace, businesses are under more pressure than ever to improve performance and increase customer satisfaction. To do this, businesses need the right software in place to facilitate growth. Yet despite being aware of the limitations of existing systems, businesses may be wary of making changes due to the challenges associated with traditional software implementations, such as lengthy cycles, rising costs, implementation fatigue and disruption to the business. So is there an alternative to avoid the challenges associated with traditional models? Step forward NetSuite…

NetSuite is different from other software providers. NetSuite has a deep understanding of global businesses and the unique challenges they face, whether it’s a lack of real-time visibility, metrics based on unreliable data, challenges with geographic expansion or manual processes that cannot scale.  NetSuite removes the uncertainty from software implementation and delivers actual, tangible business outcomes. Using their wealth of deployment experience over the past two decades, gained across multiple sectors, NetSuite created SuiteSuccess, a transformative model allowing businesses to deploy new software at a faster rate, whilst adopting leading practices from any given industry.


What is NetSuite SuiteSuccess?

NetSuite SuiteSuccess is a unique software solution. With over 24,000 implementations, NetSuite have identified a series of leading practices in different sectors. These leading practices have been brought together to create SuiteSuccess. It provides a foundation to transform your business, delivering a unique set of processes and systems to deliver rapid value.

With prebuilt product and methodology functionality, not only does it align your business to the latest leading industry best practices, it provides your business with defined processes, roles, KPIs and reports, prebuilt content and preconfigured dashboards. This not only reduces implementation time and cost, it provides an opportunity to review your existing processes. NetSuite delivers all the tools needed from the get go, so that your business can get up and running quickly with the right platform to ensure your business success.


The four key pillars of SuiteSuccess

1) Build

A complete suite to support the modern business including ERP, CRM, PSA, omnichannel commerce, HR and Business Intelligence (BI) built on the NetSuite cloud platform. All of this is continually updated with leading edge capabilities and technologies to support all of the industries we work with.

2) Engage

We deliver leading practices for each industry and roles from the initial sales contact, right through to services and support. The leading practices include workflows, KPIs, reports, dashboards and metrics. Businesses have the flexibility to personalise on the SuiteCloud platform and value is added at each stage of the engagement.

3) Consume

Through our intelligent staged approach via the industry stairway, organisations are able to consume the capabilities based on their business needs. Our reimagined consumption model drives faster time to value, better ROI and greater user adoption, allowing your business to go from zero to cloud in 100 days.

4) Optimise

We provide continuous engagement, updates, additional leading practices, continuous release of new features, evaluation of partnerships and movement up the stairway. Therefore, your business is always on the latest release and always adding value.


Benefits and highlights:

Industry-based leading practices – Leverage NetSuite's unparalleled expertise amassed over two decades and over 24,000 implementations across a variety of industries, to drive value from day 1.

Continuous engagement and support Ensure success through a consultative approach which spans the entire lifecycle from recommendation to evaluation to go-live and support.

Intelligent phased implementation – Take on an agile and staged approach for your organisation in order to achieve your vision.

Actionable insight – Ability to adopt over 250 reports, dashboards and business intelligence built on role-based leading practices for your specific industry.

Tailored to your business – Dedicated process flows and KPIs tailored to your business and industry.


Take advantage of a software solution specifically designed for your industry. To find out more visit or book a demo with us.