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Key reasons businesses adopted NetSuite ERP

Written by FHL

06 | 07 | 21

4 minute read

At RSM, we work with businesses of all different shapes, sizes and sectors to help them implement or optimise their NetSuite ERP system. Even though they all have the same overall goal of achieving greater visibility of financial and operational performance, there are a wealth of related objectives that a comprehensive cloud ERP solution can address.

Here are just three examples of the different businesses we’ve helped and the specific goals they were aiming to achieve with NetSuite cloud ERP.


Techbuyer – visibility of growing international operations and tracking of sustainability targets

After several years of rapid growth and global expansion, enterprise IT refurbishment and resale specialist, Techbuyer, was struggling to update its systems at the same pace. Not only did the company want to consolidate its outdated accounting platforms and boost its core business process efficiency, but they also wanted to:

  • Purchase used technology equipment more quickly and opportunistically in key locations.
  • Keep a more accurate stock inventory of its parts worldwide.
  • Ensure that 99% of orders reached customers the next day.
  • Keep track of its progress against UN sustainability targets – including the flagship outcome of diverting five million kilos of waste technology material away from landfill.

The implementation gave Techbuyer a ‘single pane of glass’ view into their business, everything from its global inventory to real-time reporting, to third parties of its compliance with UN sustainability goals. Even with a 20% increase in orders in the last year, the company is still meeting its 99% next-day customer order fulfilment.

Read the full case study here.


Allied Hygiene – the search for a scalable on-the-go ERP

Allied Hygiene is a leading manufacturer of wet and dry wipes to the food, industrial, healthcare and hospitality sectors, to name just a few. Their Sage accounting system was becoming unsuitable as the business grew. Only office-based workers connected to the server on the premises could access data and there was limits to how many users could log in at one time. The system crashed regularly and frequent back-ups were required, causing disruption to operations.  

Allied Hygiene required a new ERP solution that:

  • Was cloud-based and could be used by different departments on-the-go.
  • Was accurate and always up to date.
  • Could be scaled up as the business grows.

By implementing NetSuite cloud ERP, Allied Hygiene was able to address all these challenges and more. In addition, RSM introduced them to a specialist technology partner that was able to incorporate a barcoding system to help the company achieve effective stock management. According to Allied Hygiene’s IT manager, Matthew Clubley, bringing stock under control within 1% accuracy could save the company millions of pounds.

Watch the full video case study here.


Sony Professional Solutions MEA – achieving visibility across different countries, currencies and languages

Sony Professional Solutions MEA provides specialist camera and broadcasting equipment to over 2,000 customers in the media, sports, healthcare, education and hospitality industries. With hundreds of customers spanning multiple territories, currencies, languages and over 1,500 transactions taking place each week, they required a more accurate view of its operations.

The Sony MEA team also required:

  • A more effective way to monitor where pieces of equipment are at any given time and manage the returns process.
  • An easier way to track and manage the loaning of demo equipment as well as repair cases and requests.

RSM worked with Sony MEA to explore the broader capabilities and customisations that NetSuite could deliver. We customised NetSuite’s Return Merchandise Authorisation module to enable full visibility on each repair from start to finish. All warranty claims, upgrades and repairs can now be booked and tracked on one system.

Sony MEA has gained access to more accurate and up-to-date forecasts, reports and visibility of all equipment sold and loaned. They are now able to manage customer orders, returns and product upgrades more effectively, achieving estimated savings in excess of £400,000 every year.


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