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How NetSuite can help you adapt to the new normal - working from home

Written by Edward Stone

19 | 04 | 21

2 minute read

2020 was a year of tremendous digital change in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic accelerated our understanding of technology and how we use it in our daily lives. According to KPMG, the #1 trend that has evolved from the growth in technology and impact of COVID-19, is that the digital workplace is here to stay. Businesses were forced to respond to government lockdowns by ordering their employees to work remotely and many have continued to do so. Spotify recently joined other large organisations like Twitter and Dropbox by introducing a work from home programme, meaning their employees can choose how and where they want to work.

It’s clear that organisations are transitioning to remote working, so what is your business doing to adapt to the new normal and are your current systems able to cope with these changes?


As the #1 cloud business management software, NetSuite supports your workforce from any location and allows productivity to continue as usual. NetSuite can be accessed from anywhere, anytime and on any device. Adopting a cloud platform like NetSuite ERP, ensures that employees can access the necessary data and information with nothing more than an internet enabled device.


An important concern that businesses have when it comes to remote working is security and many firms are reluctant to switch to cloud platforms. However, NetSuite has the security measures in place to ensure safety is guaranteed, from two factor authentication, user-specific passwords, and encryption of files. Businesses can be confident that they are able to work from home safely and that only the relevant people are accessing their data.


Research conducted by CCS Insights found that 60% of business leaders in Western Europe and North America expect at least 25%, and in some cases all of their staff, to be working from home for the foreseeable future. A huge benefit of NetSuite is its scalability; it supports and accommodates for an increase in the amount of users. This is typically suited for growing businesses but it is also ideal for organisations who are now seeing their workforce switch to remote working.


It appears that the digital workplace is here to stay and many organisations have embraced this change by adopting software that transforms the work from home experience. Businesses need to be prepared to evolve at a pace never known before and those that invest in cloud platforms sooner can gain a competitive advantage. Speak with a member of the RSM team to find out how the #1 cloud business management system can help your business adapt to the new normal of working from home.