How NetSuite Brings Certainty to Business Leaders

Written by FHL

25 | 05 | 21

3 minute read

As more and more business applications move to the cloud, many business leaders are considering doing the same with their ERP systems. Cloud ERP offers a variety of benefits including lower implementation and upgrade costs, integration with other systems to enable real-time business intelligence and streamlined business processes.

The demand for cloud ERP is driven by the desire for critical business insights provided by the anytime, anywhere availability of real-time data. At RSM, we have completed over 200 NetSuite implementations for our customers, helping them gain valuable insights into their operations and optimise key business processes.

NetSuite offers a unified view of all business operations, bringing key processes and operations together into one central location. With an easy-to-use accessible user interface, business stakeholders can combine data with visual analytics to achieve a complete view of all business operations wherever and whenever they need.

From making financial performance and transactions more visible and efficient, through to streamlining order, sales and production management processes. Overall, NetSuite’s real-time data insights enable businesses to make smarter and faster decisions.

We’ve helped many businesses drive efficiencies, improve visibility of their data and future proof their ERP for growth with NetSuite. Here are just a few examples of how our customers are benefiting from NetSuite.

After several years of rapid growth and global expansion, enterprise IT refurbishment and resale specialist, Techbuyer, was facing the challenge of updating its business systems at the same pace. Where it had once been easy to stay on top of everything happening in the business, visibility of processes and opportunities had become blurred. With its ageing systems no longer meeting its needs, Techbuyer required us to design and implement a NetSuite-based solution to offer full visibility of its business, streamline processes and provide improved management information.

Techbuyer now has a single view of international operations and NetSuite has replaced the multiple accounting systems that it previously used. A single, real-time view of inventory, purchases and sales of refurbished items, enabled Techbuyer to clearly see what stock is available and where it is held. NetSuite also offers real-time status of global sales, more consistent and streamlined business processes and it can manage multiple currencies seamlessly. Techbuyer’s business operations are now successfully equipped to manage future international growth.

Another one of our customers looking to optimise its business processes and digitise ERP was fine wine distributor, Appellations. Frustrated with the limitations of their ageing on-premise systems and the associated infrastructure costs, Appellations came to us implement NetSuite.

Appellations was also keen to customise its new ERP system to enable it to manage processes specific to its sector, such as automated calculations on duty and shipping costs. Understanding their business requirements enabled RSM to make the necessary customisations and create WineSuite, the leading cloud business management suite in the sector. As a cloud-based solution, WineSuite now enables Appellations to access real-time business information from anywhere in the world and has made invoicing and payment processes more efficient.

These customers of ours highlight that it’s fast-paced businesses, those experiencing rapid growth and international expansion that need the visibility and certainty offered by NetSuite’s real-time data insights.

If you’d like to find out how NetSuite and RSM can help your business achieve its future goals, get in touch.