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11 | 05 | 21

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Two of our team Heads, Chris Buckle and Kingsley Burn, recently got together to discuss RSM’s support offering, some of the current issues clients are struggling with and how FHL can help. 

Kingsley heads up our support team and has over 8 years of experience with NetSuite, including implementations of CRM, eCommerce, finance and inventory management. His team maintain and support our clients' systems post go-live and their standards are high, ensuring they are well equipped to resolve all client cases. Kingsley's a big advocate of ‘people talking to people’ and therefore ensures every one of RSM's inbound calls is answered by a support representative.

Chris Buckle heads up our commercial team, the team that engages with businesses experiencing growth, investment or acquisition and then connects them with our dedicated team of NetSuite consultants. They use their knowledge and experience to help businesses through their evaluation process and provide all the information a business needs to be able to make an informed decision.

Chris Buckle:

Why should our clients choose RSM's support services?

Kingsley Burn:

There are many reasons why customers should choose our support services, from the people involved to our experience and technical expertise. The RSM support team is comprised of 12 dedicated support analysts who are all based in the UK. In addition to this, businesses have access to over 50 professional services resources.

Our 100% NetSuite-only support team has been in operation for over 10 years and accumulated a huge amount of experience. We have been involved in over 200 implementations, working with businesses in a variety of verticals and technical expertise.

Chris Buckle:

What are the advantages of using RSM's support services?

Kingsley Burn:

Businesses who choose our support services will have access to experienced NetSuite support analysts, leveraging experiences from RSM’s client base. The team provides support to key business users which allows our customers to focus on their primary job role and fosters end-user confidence. Finally, to give our customers peace of mind, we've made the support offering highly flexible and provide businesses with predictable costs.

Chris Buckle:

What are the current issues and trends people should be thinking about?

Kingsley Burn:

Performance reporting has been and will continue to be a popular subject for our clients to seek assistance with, as data and intelligent reporting allows key personnel to make better, informed decisions. Our clients are always keen to gain as much valuable information from the system as possible. Businesses should think about what information they need to aid them in reaching their desired goals.     

Chris Buckle:

How can we help at the moment in the current climate? 

Kingsley Burn:

We provide a service which supports and maintains our client’s systems post go-live by resolving their business as usual queries. The team includes support analysts, financial analysts, developers and subject matter experts so we’re well equipped to resolve client cases. We advocate ‘people talking to people’, therefore all of our inbound telephone calls are answered by a support rep. No machines and no automated messages. Cases can also be logged electronically through our customer centre. We assist with operational issues which is what we do best, leaving the customer to concentrate on their business.

We offer 2 levels of support: Basic and Premium.

Basic is perfect for clients who are using the service as a ‘back up’, low demand clients who have in-house capabilities (typically a system administrator), clients using the service for incident management (break/fix) and for general assistance, advice and guidance.

Premium is suitable for high demand clients or if the client has no in-house support mechanism. We perform incident management, general assistance, advice, guidance and typical system administration.   


At RSM we provide NetSuite support for companies worldwide, giving them the confidence that they have expert support on hand. So why not join them?