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3 ways your business could benefit from staff ERP training

Written by Kyle Potts

18 | 06 | 21

3 minute read

There is no denying that new technologies are becoming available in all industries which cover every specific business process. It is essential that time is taken to understand the functionality, features and benefits of your systems. This selection process can take time and making the correct decision on both solution and implementation partner is extremely important in supporting your company’s growth.

Once implemented, the challenges of a new system don’t disappear, so it is vital that businesses have their staff well equipped with the new technology.


So how do you train your employees on a new system?


Self learning

People are naturally curious and this is no different when adapting to a new system. Making resources freely available for people to learn and develop helps from both a time and cost perspective. NetSuite make it easy to access content and self-help material through the Help Centre and ‘SuiteAnswers’ portal, with a whole range of material on standard features and updates.


Structured external training

If there are specific process failures within a business, it may be time to seek out the professionals. While people ‘self-learning’ is an easy, basic and cheap approach, having key members of a team attend structured training courses ensures that best practices can be learned.

Structured sessions are regularly run by partners like RSM, where we specialise in enabling businesses to look after their own systems and provide training courses on key challenges and processes. They can be attended through a public event or arranged as a ‘one-off’ session for your company.

With most businesses sourcing ERP solutions, having employees properly trained can increase productivity and provide a much improved bottom line. Implementing these solutions is a huge investment and if people are not trained on the proper use of the system, the investment will go in vain.


Here are 3 ways that your business could benefit from training your employees


1) Reduces cost and time

The performance of an ERP system really depends on how employees adapt and understand the system. Therefore, users must be properly trained to utilise the functionality of the ERP system, becoming more effective at their job and therefore reduce costs, saving time and improving processes.           


2) Increases employee productivity

Providing effective ERP training helps employees do their work more efficiently. Their performance directly impacts the use of resources, money and time. Improved productivity will also lead to them producing higher quality work.


3) Reduces risk

Training everyone in the organisation helps to ensure that all employees are using the same set of data. Reducing the risk of human error allows processes to be streamlined and enables a business to maintain better-quality data.


If you would like to see which upcoming courses RSM are running, please don’t hesitate to view our training webpage or speak to our team of experts – 01270 630300